Who We Are.

Agri innovation hub is a social enterprise that brings together stakeholders in the agricultural value chain and technology industry to co-create innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing these sectors. We provide forum where farmers, researchers, investors and other stakeholders in the technology and agricultural industries will exchange ideas, obtain capital and create innovative solutions that can enhance agricultural output and sustainability. We create a community of agripreneurs, offer business consultancy, trainings, Business Incubation and mentorship programs. We provide state of the art co-workspace, private office and a conference room for rent in conducive neighborhood at the heart of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Our mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional farming practice and cutting edge technologies to enhance sustainability, productivity and profitability through collaboration and innovation between the agric and tech community.

Our vision!

To create a sustainable and inclusive agricultural sector that is driven by innovation, efficiency and profitability.